Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tokai University English Writing Contest

I wanted to share with you a very nice experience I had yesterday. I was invited to the Tokai University English Writing Contest to present a certificate and prize to one of my students for an essay she wrote in my writing class. While I made some suggestions on how she could improve her writing, it was her ideas and hard work that produced such an interesting and well-written piece of work.

The Writing Contest is a great way to recognise and reward students who have worked hard and produced a great piece of writing. One of the best things about the contest, aside from the awards ceremony, is that all the winning entries are published in a Tokai University Writing Contest booklet.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to remind you about the writing contest and to encourage you to enter some time in the future. Next time, you might be a winner and see your essay or paragraph in print! I also want you to pick up a copy of the English Writing Contest booklet from the Foreign Language Center the next time you are there. You will see many excellent pieces of writing and lots of great model essays to help and inspire you in your own writing class.

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